Mixing tree and dispersion tree

Balanced mixing shaft allows the elimination of vibrations during even the most critical stages of processing and at high speeds.

The rotation of the mixing shaft is through the parallel axis gearbox moved by the transmission pulleys and belts combined with the main electric motor.

RPM variation of the mixing shaft is by means of an electronic system with a frequency shifter (inverter) combined with the main electric motor.

The advantage of the electronic system described above is the range of speeds available to the operator but especially the high torque even at medium/low speed ranges.

The mixing tool supplied with the machine is of the butterfly type with fastening system to the mixing shaft quickly and easily replaced.

Three brackets attached to the end of the butterfly suitable for supporting the self-adjusting side scraper blades complete with screwed-in interchangeable profile.

Swiveling scraper, rotation is via a transmission positioned inside a casing integral with the Turbodispesor cover, machined by high-precision machine tools consisting of an electric gearmotor with independent control combined with a pinion and a swivel washer suitable for supporting high axial and radial loads.

A stainless steel rotating sleeve bolted to the slewing ring complete with a tubular-shaped scraper arm constructed of strong stainless steel plate with a self-adjusting tang at the end and a stainless steel side support complete with an interchangeable scraper blade of material suitable for the product to be processed.


The vertical movement of the two mixing and dispersing tools, called excursion, is carried out through the use of two pneumatic pistons. The possibility of adjusting the correct height of the mixing/dispersion tools in total safety and in relation to the amount of product contained in the tank guarantees the machine a high degree of flexibility, it also allows the optimization of mixing flows ensuring the fast incorporation of raw materials. Excursion is achieved by sliding two ground chrome-hard coated movable sleeves attached to the mixing unit that also serve as bearing supports for the mixing shaft and dispersion shaft, and two fixed sleeves attached to the machine cover that house special seals inside.


Tank closure cover constructed of stainless steel with turned ring suitable for housing a special profile gasket in order to ensure a perfect seal with the mixing tank complete with some accessories:

– Raw material loading hopper with side dust containment protrusions

– Stainless steel protection net.

– Inspection mirror

– Lighting light inside the mixing tank

– Suitable attachments to the two pneumatic lid handling cylinders

– Coupling flanges to fixed rods.

– Connection arranged for connection to dust and fume extractor, if any.

Additional options can be considered following specific customer needs.


The main structure of the machine consists of a sturdy painted iron plate construction complete with a base plate with appropriate holes for floor fixing.

In the front of the frame stainless steel cladding that facilitates any cleaning operations.

Two columns complete with sliding bushings are attached to the side of the structure in order to house two wear-resistant hard chrome-coated ground movable columns inside them.

This technical solution gives the machine high robustness even in the most critical stages of the production cycle with optimal absorption of vibrations caused by machining tools.

It houses inside the structure the hydraulic power unit complete with electric drive and safety devices.

The control unit operates the hydraulic cylinder complete with safety lock valve.

The hydraulic cylinder located in the center of the two fixed columns is suitable for lifting the entire mixing unit and enclosed within a protective bellows.


The Machine Control System consists of an Industrial Multi Touch Screen type PC on which a SCADA Supervision System is run.

The machine’s control and safety logic is entrusted to a PLC interconnected to the PC via the ProFinet field bus.

The PC is powerful enough to host a state-of-the-art Relationship Database (Microsoft SQL Express) on which the recording of all machine functional parameters and event history (alarms, values of quantities, etc.) takes place.

Through a user-friendly operator interface, the operator will have complete control of the machine’s various functions in a simple and intuitive way by accessing the various control pages.

The PC is arranged to have a dual network interface (configurable by the customer) so that it can be securely interfaced to the corporate network while facilitating access to the Remote Control system by Zanelli personnel.



Each Zanelli machine has a wide availability of options. Customize your machine with the specifications that best suit your needs. Every available option is designed to increase efficiency and to offer an exclusive, tailor-made service.