An ever-growing reality…since 1962

Zanelli is proud to announce the acquisition of two new CNC machines which have joined our metal workshop in our headquarters in Italy.

We have extended and increased our production thanks to these 2 premium tooling machines. Machines that were proudly made in Italy.

We do not compromise the quality of our products and that is the main reason why we invest in equipment that will help us assure and guarantee our quality day in and day out. We take pride in guarantying high-quality production with accurate quality control of each component we build for our machines.

These state-of-the-art CNC machines are equipped with a supervision system amplifies the potential of normal NCs, with absolute benefits in terms of production flexibility, process reliability and efficiency, monitoring of current equipment conditions with an array of sizes, in terms of reaching a wider length and depth.

Since 1962, Zanelli Mixing & Dispersing Innovations has been making all internal components to their machines in house; making Zanelli one of the top machine manufacturing companies in the world. This success begins in our metal working shop, which supply all essential components to our equipment. We take quality very seriously and our investment in equipment shows how important it is for us.

Our planetary mixers models require attention to each small detail, strong in-depth knowledge and expertise gained in the field of process technologies which it should be constantly made available to the customer into Zanelli range of machines.

Our qualified team of technologists and engineers offers both theoretical and applicative activities. Constantly developing the know-how thanks to a significant number of trials and different outcomes experience during our many years in the mixer manufacturing market. These experts have helped solved many issues experienced, especially in the higher viscosity range of products.